Triple R - The specialists in bypass and off-line oil filtration

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Removal of solid particles, water, sludge and oil degradation blocking: all in one.

Triple R oil cleaning systems were the first to allow industrial total cleaning of hydraulic and lubricating oil, ensuring the purity by removing everything, solid particles, water, oxidation residues and sludge.

Over the past 40 years, we have continued to invest significantly in research and development, the result? The development of a wide range of new products to increase our oil cleaning systems.

With a qualified team and technical services to support customer we have a solution for every industrial fluid power and lubrication oil application. From bypass and off-line filtration systems to mobile platforms, water separators, oil separators, centrifuges, purifiers and removal of air bubbles.

Our customer base is the best proof of the great appreciation of the quality of Triple R brand products.

A set of Triple R products
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